Momosan Illetes Jute Sandal

PlaDesigned in Mallorca, Spain
Handmade Jute shoes designed by Irene Peukes for Pla. Made in part by craftswomen in Bangladesh through Caritas, an international development charity. With incredible skill and care, each shoe is woven from a single jute braid. Each turn of the braid is woven to the shoe’s cotton lining for a comfortable fit.
Once the work of the craftswomen is complete, the shoes are soled by shoemakers in Mallorca with a thick layer of fabric and another of natural crepe to help cushion the foot as much as possible.
Irene travels regularly to Bangladesh to fine-tune details and ensure a quality finished product with her team. In addition to being a resistant and sustainable material, jute is of vital economic importance to many local communities in Bangladesh. Pla works to support local industry and provide the women of these communities fair employment.



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